Safety, Health and the Environment

Alpha Petroleum Resources Limited in its role as Licensee, Field Operator and Well Operator will conduct its business with a commitment to the safety and health of people and to the protection of the environment and the minimisation of greenhouse gases emissions. 

Our Goals are – No Accidents, No Harm to People and No Damage to the Environment.

To accomplish this we will:

 ·          Communicate the importance of effective safety, health and environmental management as an integral part of our business which is recognised and endorsed at the highest levels.

 ·          Design and manage all our activities to ensure that HSE risks are identified and managed so that they are as low as reasonably practicable.

 ·          Comply as a minimum with laws, regulations and obligations governing safety and environmental protection and the standards set by industry organisations to which we subscribe.

 ·          Ensure that all personnel and Contractors who work for us and on our behalf are aware of the Company’s HSE goals and expectations and hold them accountable for their performance.

 ·          Provide leadership, professional personnel and training to support this Policy.

 ·          Monitor, evaluate and report safety and environmental performance and conduct internal audits.

 ·          Participate in programmes and discussions with established Industry forums designed to improve technology, laws and regulations.

 ·          Seek continual improvement in safety and environmental performance through management review and by setting appropriate objectives and targets consistent with the aims of this Policy.


Graham Walters 
Chief Operating Officer

Intertek ISO 14001

Alpha Petroleum is accredited to ISO 14001