The Tors development consists of 2 gas fields, Kilmar in Block 43/22a and Garrow in Blocks 42/25a and 43/21a.

Kilmar was discovered in 1992 and has gas in Carboniferous Namurian sandstones. Alpha acquired 100% equity from BP (2001) and GDF (2004), subsequently selling interests to Sojitz (2005) and Edison (2008).

Garrow was discovered in 1991 and has a Rotliegend reservoir. Garrow was an out of round award to Alpha in 2002 and equity was subsequently sold to Sojitz (2005) and Edison (2008).

First gas production was achieved in 2006. The gas is exported via Trent and the ETS pipeline to Bacton, Norfolk.

The Kilmar Normally Unmanned Installation (NUI) was installed in 2005, a 6 slot platform. 3 wells have been drilled and, up to end of 2017, 69 bcf of gas had been produced. There is an estimated c. 46 bcf of recoverable gas remaining.

Kilmar is a large structure and the 3 current producing wells do not access all of the calculated gas in place. Detailed reservoir engineering work has identified infill locations and we are evaluating further development options

The Garrow NUI platform was installed in July 2008.This is a 3 slot platform, two production wells have been drilled and, up to end of 2017, 7.6 bcf of gas had been produced. Remaining recoverable gas is estimated at 4 bcf.

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